Save yourself time with these crowdsourcing tips

Creating amazing content is time-consuming and occasionally exhausting. One way to cut down on the time and effort is through crowdsourced content.

Aside from the lower effort requirements crowdsourcing is excellent because you can create the exact content your audience wants to read.

Engage your readers with polls and surveys
It’s hard to get readers to comment right? Have you considered increasing engagement with a poll?

Not only that (it’s easier to click a button than write a comment), but you can also gather useful information about your audience. This information can be translated into blog posts, opt-in freebies, paid courses. Anything!

Have you used polls to gage your audiences opinions?

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Crowdsourced content is a time saver

Ask social media
You’re on Facebook anyway, so why not ask a question for topic suggestions?

Don’t stop there. Draw the responder out.

Ask them more in-depth questions. Keep the conversation going for as long as possible (without annoying people) and you could end up with enough content to write a whole post (or more!).

Ask an expert
Host a Twitter party or a Facebook Live event and invite people to ask questions. Yes, you’ll give the answers, but you’ll also find yourself a lot of lovely blog fodder.

By the way, answering questions on social media is an awesome way to build your expert status.

Actually ask an expert
Put yourself out there, email an influencer in your industry and ask for a quote. You’ll be surprised at how many people will actually respond.

Don’t forget to quote smaller industry figures as well. People enjoy seeing their words and name (with a link please) on other people’s blogs. They’ll often tell their audience all about it.

What a great way to increase your readership!

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