Yeah, you really kinda do!

Last week Social Media Today released a post addressing exactly this. Without tooting my horn too much, it says pretty much the same thing I’ve been telling people for the past couple of years.

Don’t trust your content to social media platforms!

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and twitter etc can be great for distributing links to your content (and growing your community). Just don’t confuse it for your blog.

…the idea that a transient social media outpost can substitute for a website is very dangerous.

Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t rely on social media

1. Pay to play Facebook is making it harder and harder for business owners to get their content seen.

Your Facebook Live broadcasts currently enjoy a wider reach than other status updates, but how long will that last?

Would you be surprised if Facebook figured out a way to get you to pay in advance so your followers actually got to see your broadcasts?

2. Your social media account isn’t really YOURS. Not in the way your website is at least. Do I really need to mention how easy it is to have your Facebook page unpublished?

It’s stupid easy to make one little mistake and have your access to your page (or even your whole profile) removed.

3. Google can only index what it can see. You have no guarantee that whatever social media platform you’re using will continue to allow search engines to crawl it. What happens to all your hard work if, for whatever reason, Facebook decides to stop?

Your posts to private Facebook groups are getting you any Google Lovin’ anyway.

Yes, social media is important but it should only be a part of your strategy. If you’re content stops at the doorsteps of Facebook, you could be very sorry.

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