Content marketing for small business

Content marketing is the art of engaging, educating and entertaining your most important clients

Relevant, informative content can be used to guide your ideal clients right the way through their journey to becoming raving fans. Content marketing for small business can help you reach new people, teach them how you can help and entice them to work with you.

Generate awareness


Create authority


Increase leads


Content marketing strategy

Content creation

Newsletter management

How it works

Getting to know you

You and I will get together on Skype to discuss your business goals, what you hope to get out of content marketing.

We’ll also work to create a detailed picture of the people you want to work with. Who they are, what their problems are and what they’re likely to look for you for help with.

Figuring out what you've got

Many business owners don’t know how much content they’ve actually got so I’ll work with you to uncover it.

We’ll look at past blog posts, social media and newsletters to see what’s worked and wha we can learn from it.

A content strategy that grows your business

Planning and creating

This is where I dig in. 

I’ll work with the copywriters on my team to create unique, informative content that will engage and educate your audience while guiding them towards working with you.

During this stage I’ll also repurpose your content so it can be used on social media and in your newsletter.

Monitoring results

Watching, watching, always watching

I’ll monitor your site stats and SEO results to see how things are going and what needs to be updated for future success.

Helping you generate more business

SEO & Content marketing plans start at $700/month

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