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Welcome to the Unstoppable Growth Podcast. I’m your host Bec Waterhouse.

At the beginning of 2019, there was a lot of blog posts that came out talking about how much content there was around and if people were actually swamped and drowned by it at the moment. The question became is there any point in creating content for my business?

Well, the answer is yes, you really do need to be creating content to support your business and your offerings. But what you need to focus on are these two things. Firstly, does your content create value for your customer? Does it entertain them in some way? Does it inform them? Does it help them?

The other thing is does your content support your offerings? Is it part of your funnel or have you just created content because someone told you that you needed to blog weekly? If you’re blogging just for blogging sake, then there is no point in creating content. You’re wasting your time, you’re wasting your money, you’re wasting your customer’s time.

You’re far better to think, “I’m going to create a really useful piece of content once a month and get that published than creating four blog posts monthly that don’t do anything. They don’t help anyone, they don’t help you.

Creating valuable content is pretty easy once you know these things. Firstly, you need to consider who you’re creating it for. Who are your customers? Are they beginners in your field? Do they know very little or are they experts? If your customers are beginners, then there’s really no point in creating a high level piece of content that goes right over their head. It doesn’t make you look like an expert, they won’t even read it. You might even come off as a bit of a know-it-all jerk.

Nobody likes to be talked down too. They don’t like being expected to understand things that are really out of their wheelhouse. There’s a reason they’re hiring you as the expert and not doing it themselves. That’s because they are not the experts.

And the reverse is true too. If you’re working with people who are experts in their field. Maybe you provide some awesome software for them or whatever. There’s no point in writing really beginner pieces because they know that already, you’re not helping them. They’re not going to waste their time reading that.

The second thing to consider is how people like to consume your content. Now I know that a lot of marketers are going on about how live video is the way of the future but do your people actually enjoy watching Facebook Lives? Ask them, that’s the only way you’re going to find out. You can sit here and consider all the options, look at other people’s research all you want, read expert opinions but unless you actually ask your people you’re not going to know whether they prefer audio podcasts or written work or video or livestream. You need to know that so that you can put your content where they are going to read it or see it.

Consider what topics you should be talking about. This is another thing that really benefits from you taking the time to ask your audience. Find out what they want to know about what you do and address that. Are there questions that they should be asking before they work with someone like you that they don’t know enough to ask? That’s the kind of thing you should be looking at addressing in your blog posts.

And lastly, and this is amazingly huge, I am really surprised by the amount of times I’ve gone to a company’s blog and find that they’re talking about themselves. It’s incredibly important for everybody in business to understand that your content you’re creating is not about you. The content you’re creating is about your clients’ needs. If you can address those, you’re hitting a home run. Yes you can publish things. Okay, it’s Jenny’s birthday, this is the surprise we did for her. That’s really awesome, that’s a great thing to post to social media but you don’t need to go on and on and on about your backstory in your blog post. That’s what your About page is for, give people a bit of a taste of where you’re come from in your About page.

But if your blogging or creating ongoing content, you need to remember that people are looking at the content and thinking, “What’s in this for me? If I spend the next five minutes reading this blog post, what am I going to get out of it?” You need to give them what they need.

We’ve all been on those webinars where the host will spend the first 45 minutes going on and on and on about how awesome they are and how they’ve come from living underneath a bridge in a cardboard box. And in the first 30 days, they’re suddenly earning 35 million dollars and they’re just amazing and you should be in awe of how awesome they are. And then they spend the next 15 minutes trying to sell you on their $2,000 course.

Nobody enjoys that, nobody walks away feeling like they’re learning something that was really important. They feel like they’ve been taken for a ride. They don’t feel like they’ve gotten anything out of that. You don’t want to be that person when it comes to your content.

You want to hit the nail, you want to talk about their pain point, give them an answer, maybe even solve their issue, solve a small problem for them. Give them a quick win that they can say, “Oh you know, Joe from over here, they helped me with this small problem. They were really successful with that. I really enjoyed their content. I got a lot out of it and I fixed my problem. Maybe she can help me deal with this bigger problem.” I know a lot of people are afraid to give away their knowledge for free but it really is the answer to building authority through content.

Okay. So here’s the recap. The content that you create needs to be valuable. It needs to be valuable for you and your client. You need to take into account who your audience is before creating any kind of content. You need to speak to them, you need to give them quick wins. That’s it. That’s how you can win with your content.

All right. Well, thank you for spending this part of your day with me. I’ve been Bec Waterhouse and I’ll continue to be her throughout the rest of the day. Bye.

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