WordPress Care Plans

Your website is key to your business

It helps people find you, generates leads and clients. You can't afford for it to be offline.

Our Website Care Plans keep your business on the internet running at peak performance.

Let’s be blunt…

Your car needs regular maintenance to keep running smooth so you take it to a mechanic for a tune up.

Your website’s the same. It needs regular updates and scans to serve your business. Websites aren’t wash and wear. They need attention.

Websites need website care plans.

I’ll just do it myself

Okay, great! Assuming you do.

A lot of people commit to maintaining their own sites, but fall down after a month or two, leaving their site vulnerable.

The fact is, maintaining your own website and fixing it when things go wrong is time-consuming and potentially expensive.

When you sign up for one of my care plans, I host your website and keep it up-to-date so you know it’s safe and running smoothly.

WordPress Care Plans look after your business



$ 130 Monthly
  • $200 set up fee
  • Free hosting
  • Daily backups
  • 1 small task/update (doesn't roll over) *
  • Core updates
  • Plugin/theme updates
  • Security scans and malware alerts
  • Training videos
  • Standard response time

Care plan addons

Premium Support

  • Additional small tasks per month*
  • Premium support time

Pricing coming soon

Content Marketing

  • Monthly coaching call
  • Content strategy
  • 2 Blog posts per month
  • SEO monitoring

Pricing coming soon

Hacked sites need to be cleaned and repaired before they can be placed on a maintainance plan. This kind of work requires a seperate quote, please get in contact so we can discuss your needs and get your site up and running again.

If you have three or more sites please contact me to discuss your needs and receive a discount based on the number of sites.

The one off setup fee allows me to perform proper security checks on your site, as well as completing an initial round of updates to your WordPress core files and plugins.

This process ensures you have a clean website with up-to-date files so we can begin taking care of your site.

The support time included in your plan allows you to request adhoc website updates such as  updating copy, adding blog posts, adding images, adding a contact form, small design improvements, or pretty much anything else that can be handled within the time allocation for your plan.

Support time can not be use to design or create new sites. If you require development support for new sites, please get in touch or visit my web design page for more information.

As standard, work is processed in the order it comes in. Priority response means that your work gets to jump the queue. So your work is done faster.

A small task is up to 20 minutes of hands-on work such as updating hours, making text changes, swapping out a graphic

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